003: Apple Music, Amazon Prime, classic Windows games

Amazon_Prime_Music_logoRob and Eddie start the show off by explaining the lack of episodes as of recent. It seems that the SarcasTechCast was so popular after its first two episodes that the irreverent hosts received numerous death threats. That’s what happens when something is successful, death threats. And lots of them. Rob also admits that a cocaine may have been the real reason as cocaine abuse is rampant in the IT world.

Lots of news in the world of streaming music. The guys share the latest trends and user base stats of Apple Music, Amazon Music, and the pathetic Tidal Music. If you like Kanye West, you probably use Tidal music. We’re not particularly interested in associating with individuals who claim to be fans of Kanye West. Not because we don’t like his music, but because we’re generally mean spirited and cold at heart assholes.

Anywho, as the podcast goes on, the guys address some listener questions, tell you how to play classic Windows games, how to really use iPads, and lots more. Be sure to subscribe on iTunes, give us a rating, and tell your “friends” about this dumb shit.