004: Galaxy S7 features, Facebook changes, Netflix

GalaxyS7The hottest show on iTunes is sweeping the nation! Because…that’s how we have to support ourselves, we’re janitors.

Rob and Eddie begin the show by discussing the recent changes to Facebook. The geniuses at the social networking giant have enabled a feature which allows its users to not only like statuses, but to emoji-them. This is good for the most part, in our opinion, because things can get awkward when friends and family members post on Facebook about tragic life events and we previously had no choice but to like those posts as a show of support. Sorry for liking your grandpa just died post, Susan.

As the world’s best tech podcast continues, the guys discuss the latest confirmed features the Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone has over the retarded iPhone 6S.

  • High-resolution AMOLED displays¬†
    • Great for porn
  • Double the RAM
    • Great for porn
  • Water and Dust resistance
    • Great for porn
  • Better camera aperture
    • Great for making porn
  • Faster wireless charging
    • Great for porn

The guys also get into a new feature on Google Docs which will allow users to dictate documents, the words’ first 3D printed vertebra, and more. They also play music by the very talented Famous Hollywood Bay.

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Rob is an IT professional and Eddie really likes tech blogs. Between the two, they deliver a weekly dose of tech and gadget news with an extra helping of sarcasm and cynicism. Who would've thought tech news could have personality?

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