002: Chromecast, hover boards, smart appliances

The second episode of the most offensive show in tech show kicks off with Chromecast talk! The Chromecast is soon going to be “easier” to use as Google is rumoured to soon update its popular Chrome browser. The update will allow the Chrome browser to automatically cast content to your Chromecast without needing a plugin. Yep, the Chroemcast just got a little easier for most of us, but more confusing for old people (Rob’s grandma doesn’t even understand WiFi…what a moron).

Robots will soon be cleaning our homes! And we’re not talking about Roombas, we’re talking about full-fledged Johnny 5 lookin’ bastards. Rob and Eddie are both a little sketched out over the idea of robots cleaning our homes. What if you come home and your housecleaning robot skinned your cat? Well, this technology is quickly approaching and is soon going to be very common. Get ready to replace little snuggles.

As a small tech podcast, SarcasTechCast has to keep an eye on the big guys. The Tech Guy, Leo Laporte, is arguably the biggest and best in tech podcasting, so SarcasTechCast has no choice but to see what he’s up to. Audio of Leo Laporte insulting one of his call screeners is uncovered by SarcasTech researchers. Find out how much of an ass Laporte sounds like as he loudly eats chips and attacks one of his (probably) underpaid employees.

Also discussed on this episode: Family Matters, Here Earbuds at Coachella, self-driving cars and more.


Rob is an IT professional and Eddie really likes tech blogs. Between the two, they deliver a weekly dose of tech and gadget news with an extra helping of sarcasm and cynicism. Who would've thought tech news could have personality?

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